Diane Bradbury Theatre Dance School in sparkling showcase - Derbyshire Times Review (2014)

Review: Diane Bradbury Theatre Dance School in sparkling showcase

Dazzling dances, gravity-defying gymnastics, colourful costumes and sunny smiles tick all the boxes.

By The Newsroom Derbyshire Times

Tuesday, 20th May 2014, 9:32 am

The show is Dance With Me Tonight but it is much more than just a chain of cleverly choreographed creations.

This week’s production by Diane Bradbury Theatre Dance School lives up to the primaries’ circus-inspired sketch Let Me Entertain You by running rings around showcases of previous years.

Songs see Summer Holiday tackled with gusto by the rosettes and juveniles, musical theatre includes a heart-warming homage to Hans Christian Anderson by the preps, primaries and juniors and attitude is displayed in abundance by the seniors and advanced seniors in a brilliant medley from Matilda.

Choreographers Julie Metcalfe, Paula Wilson and Roseanna Sanderson and their pupils set supportive audiences a tough task in selecting their favourite routines among the action-packed programme.

Up there with the top treats are jazz-infused numbers such as Won’t You Charleston With Me by the juniors, Putting on the Ritz by the seniors and Maple Leaf Rag by the advanced seniors.

My favourite of the opening performance was the senior ballet and pointe ballet troupes’ performances of Reflections and Montagues and Capulets. Both were hauntingly striking and beautifully performed by dancers who looked stunning in black tutus and fawn tops featuring a print of wolf’s head.

Ladies in red Lisa Shelswell and Harley English perform an exquisite interpretation of All of Me, looking like mirror images of each other as they make good use of the stage.

Cutting edge street dance in the Will.i.am Medley show the teachers and students at their best.

However, last night’s undisputed hit of the second half was the One Direction selection. This was launched by the preps and primaries who pretty much summed up the mood of the show - Live While We’re Young.

Mood-enhancing lighting and sensitively-pitched soundtracks accompanies Dance With Me Tonight which continues its run at Chesterfield’s Pomegranate Theatre this evening (Tuesday, May 20) and tomorrow at 7pm.

GAY BOLTON - Derbyshire Times

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